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  • Hi. Can you please pray for healing and restoration in my marriage. Only God can save my marriage. And please pray for my daughter and my husband's relationship. May God fill our hearts with love for Him and each other. Also, for my daughter that she would hear God's voice and forsake worldly things. And I need the Lord to increase my faith and trust in Him, please help my unbelief Thank you
    Marin V - Aug 08 2022
  • Please pray for Kalleene to have open eyes, to be washed with Jesus' blood and anointed with eyesalve, to have open ears, to be aware, to be delivered, in Jesus' name. Thanks. "Anoint your eyes with eyesalve, so that you may see."
    - Jul 26 2022
  • Please pray for my mom Lorraine’s salvation and healing. She lost her hearing, has memory loss, bad posture, body pain, and high blood pressure. Pray for her health and financial situation. Also, please pray for salvation and excellent health and long life for my uncle and aunt. Pray for Joe who has cancer.
    Phil C - Jul 12 2022
  • A large extended family lived about 1/4mile away, but moved to their relatives' home across the street while their house is under heavy renovation/ rebuilding. From their original location their dogs would let nobody pass on the road. In addition to multiple other issues with them, their dogs went after toddlers nearby, and adults, including twice coming after me. When I spoke to them to simply close the gate, it was a joke (crying, scared, toddlers are also a joke), then suddenly the dogs are "not theirs"(?). Please pray. Thanks.
    - Jul 08 2022
  • Please plead Jesus' blood against multiple demonic attacks. Thanks. "And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony."
    - Jul 06 2022
  • Please pray about vehicular issues with a ministry vehicle that was stolen and needs urgent replacement. Please pray for Robert to be delivered and to be able to move. Thanks. "And this is the confidence that we have in Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. And if we know that He hears us, we know that we have the petitions that we desires of Him."
    - Jul 05 2022
  • heal my whole spine
    Charles W - Jul 04 2022
  • Please pray for the overdue work be finished this morning by 9:00. Thanks. "And this is the confidence that we have in Him, that, if we ask anything according to His will, He heareth us. And if we know that He hear us, we know that we have the petitions that we have requested of Him."
    - Jun 22 2022
  • Please pray for god through Christ to protect me from seen and unseen danger.
    Charles W - Jun 13 2022
  • Please pray about transportation issues. Thanks
    - Jun 08 2022
  • "Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered." Romans 8:26 My distressing situation requires much prayer, but what to pray, God knows. Please join me in prayer for His glory. Thanks.
    - Jun 06 2022
  • Pray for everything to work out for me and nano. God protect all you have given me
    C Wright - Jun 03 2022
  • Please pray for healing for S and A, as well as for delays with work to stop, and for work to get done completely and on time, in Jesus' name. Thanks.
    - May 24 2022
  • I need a daily nap (*multiple* health issues, narcolepsy &+). I can't nap at my desk, & have taken too much sick leave. Please pray that today onwards I will be able to nap in my vehicle each day without any problem, and that God & the medication will allow me to continue to drive safely. Thanks.
    - Apr 25 2022
  • Please pray -- I have to preach tomorrow for the first time since the pandemic [and some heavy attacks from the devil just before the pandemic that continued, with a slight ease up recently], and am having a battle, but I know Jesus is the Winner and Satan is the loser. Thanks for praying with me. God bless you and keep you.
    - Apr 15 2022
  • Pray for Lisa's complete healing of covid cold.
    charles w - Apr 12 2022
  • Please pray for healing for S and A. Tests said they don't have covid-19, but they have many other tests to do and are really weak. Thanks.
    - Mar 25 2022
  • I am studying an M.A. in Theology at Newbold College in the UK - also please pray for my finances and accommodation. Thank you.
    Philip - Mar 20 2022
  • Pray for conversion for Kit and Nick and their friends. They claim to be followers of God, but speak very admiringly of the devil and of those doing devilish activities. Thanks.
    - Mar 12 2022
  • Please pray for sleep at night and finances
    Crystal V - Mar 10 2022
  • A student linked to scammers slashed my colleague's tires for his strictness. He hates "informers" like myself. Please plead Jesus' blood against the devil and his forces for us and the school. This is one of many issues. Thanks.
    - Mar 09 2022
  • Please pray for me. I'm a 67 yr old man with an extremely bad GERD LPR REFLUX DISORDER flareup. I can barely eat anything at all and have a big throat lump with pain through to my right shoulder blade area. Pray God will improve these very bad symptoms. I had to go to the hospital last Friday.
    William S - Mar 09 2022
  • Our Academy (1000s of miles away) just restarted having students face to face after things reopen. All phones (as usual from before) are collected and tagged, & stored away until after school. Some students insist on having phones on them in class, playing games, music, movies, etc. Some were confiscated. A few belligerent ones got rowdy, one grabbing the VPs arm and another threatening arson. Please plead Jesus' blood against all demonic forces for this school, today and always. Thanks.
    - Mar 09 2022
  • Please pray for the long- ordered vehicle to stop delaying, as it is urgently needed for work and ministry. Thanks.
    - Mar 08 2022
  • Please pray against high blood pressure, strokes, and heart attacks, in Jesus' name. Thanks.
    - Mar 08 2022
  • please for god healing my left shoulder dislocated and my lower back need operation and my belly I might have cancer
    Charles W - Feb 28 2022
  • Please pray about urgent transportation issues. Thanks.
    - Feb 22 2022
  • In my last job, they wanted to fire me because of my refusal to break God's Sabbath, but my work performance made them not fire me. They had no excuse. God told me to leave there and come to where I am now. In my current job. some senior persons want to fire me, and others don't want to -- but the devil has been messing up my work performance. Please pray for excellent performance again. Thanks.
    - Feb 20 2022
  • God just worked a huge miracle in preventing my being fired after someone vindictive messed up my work. Please pray for another miracle to get some overdue work done, urgently, in Jesus' name. Thanks. "If you have faith as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Be removed and be cast into the sea,' and it will be done."
    - Feb 15 2022
  • It's my fault -- When I was excelling above everyone in everything I did, and when I was always early for everything, I was* proud [*pray that it be "was," not "am" and not "will be"] and I boasted about being always early. Now I am always late -- trying to be early seems futile 90% of the time. Now I perform worse than all others in almost everything. Please pray - It is killing me, literally.
    - Feb 06 2022
  • Please pray for God through Christ to protect me from seen and unseen danger.
    Charles - Jan 22 2022
  • Right now I’m in a very hard season of my life. I know the direction God has for me, but it seems that I’m under attack and feel depressed. Pray that God will guard and protect me from all attacks of the enemy. Pray He will guard me from despondency, depression, laziness and procrastination. Pray for great faith, confidence and clarity in the direction He has for me. Pray the Lord will remove all double-mindedness. Pray He will eliminate all fear of failure, and heal me of the fear of rejection. Pray for great wisdom and guidance every step of the way. Pray that I will receive strong support, wisdom and direction from many people in the direction the Lord has. Pray the Lord will fill me with His great love, joy and shalom-peace, bless His path for me and open the doors. Thanks.
    Seth M - Jan 21 2022
  • Please pray for my current court case to thrown out of court and a great learning for my improvement to grow and be more like Christ. Pray also for God to protect me from seen and unseen danger.
    Charles W - Jan 21 2022
  • Please pray that my unemployment will go through and I will continue to have money coming in. Please also pray for me to heal from covid pneumonia.
    Charles W - Jan 02 2022
  • I request prayer that God make me willing to be willing and willing to cast those burden unto Him that are hindering me from following Him, that I will know His will for my life and the direction I should go and where to live.
    Ryan M - Jan 02 2022
  • In our rural community in western Ja, I left my elderly mom in the morning with online church that I set up and headed to do the Mission Story at church. I had to head back home to her after SS:- A cousin shot and killed two friends nearby this morning, and is in hospital half dead from gunshot injury. All three young men are like grandsons to her, &witnessed to by her. Please pray. Thanks.
    - Jan 01 2022
  • Proverbs 16:18 applies, where I used to boast a few years ago about never being late. Now, the devil has been allowed to make me late almost all the time, and it seems to be worsening. Getting up early makes no difference. I become physically unmovable trying to get ready and to leave the house. Only prayer and Bible reading aloud or copying Scriptures on paper, help. Please pray with me. Thanks.
    - Dec 29 2021
  • I have covid pneumonia please pray for full recovery thank you
    Charles W - Dec 23 2021
  • i have covid and pneumonia please pray for full recovery thank you
    Charles W. - Dec 17 2021
  • Please pray for our students -- a lethargy has taken them over, and even brilliant students often perform way below par. Please pray for the devil to be rebuked strongly from them. Thanks.
    - Dec 15 2021
  • I am studying an M.A. in theology at Newbold College in the UK - also please pray for my finances and accommodation, thank you, Philip.
    Philip d - Dec 14 2021
  • Please join me in prayer about issues with health and work and direct demonic attacks (long story). Some work is not well done (I previously was used to excelling above everyone else-- a lifetime ago), and one supervisor takes pleasure in posting news stories about people fired for this or that omission in similar working environments. Thanks.
    - Dec 13 2021
  • Please pray for MJ and PF and PR and company to speak the truth. They have been living a lie almost two years, while honest persons are punished all this time as liars. Pray for God Himself to make truth come out *now*, if they refuse. Thanks.
    - Dec 12 2021
  • sick like an animal lost up to 20 lbs. not sure whats going on special prayer for complete healing
    Charles W. - Dec 11 2021
  • Please pray for the breakthrough *today," very early. Thanks.
    - Dec 09 2021
  • A stray dog had puppies in our backyard, which is like a bear with cubs in our yard. Please pray. Thanks.
    - Dec 05 2021
  • Please pray with me for God to work miracles in my work, ministering to young people. I used to excel, but illness and the devil's attacks are messing me up for a while now. Please pray for efficient, effective, excellent work again, and for the devil to be rebuked from my health permanently, in Jesus' name. Please also pray about urgent transportation issues. Thanks.
    - Nov 30 2021
  • I need massive dental work. God have mercy on me. Thank you
    - Nov 29 2021
  • Salvation for family and friends. Deeper faith for prayer partners both near and far. Ashley is being stalked; God would rebuke the evil spirit that is causing this. Wisdom on the job and to witness. Miranda and her 3 girls: Madison, Madeline, Meredith for more faith in Jesus. My students would progress and succeed. 1 silent request. Thanks
    - Nov 29 2021
  • Request prayer for my friend Carla and her daughter Andrea that God might convert her and heal her physically.
    Luis T - Nov 25 2021
  • Please pray for Latter Rain power on God's people. Please pray for Sealing. Please pray for the devil's forces to be rebuked strongly from God's people, by Jesus' blood. Pray for us to be and do all that we should to hasten Christ's coming, including spreading the Everlasting Gospel & 3 angels' messages of Revelation 14:6-13, and the Right Arm, and "sighing and crying" at evil - Ezekiel said sealing is for those *un*comfortable with evil, not those going along with it. Thanks.
    - Nov 21 2021
  • Please pray for a situation that causes great distress that has been ongoing for a while. Pray for God's glory -- If He let it get fixed faster, I likely would take the credit for doing what is humanly wise and getting the solution myself, but now He will be glorified, as only He can work it out. Thanks for praying.
    - Nov 20 2021
  • PROTECT MY POSITION AT MY CURRENT JOB and my job position and get high score
    charles wright - Nov 15 2021
  • Please join me in prayer for God's Remnant worldwide, for Latter Rain power and Sealing. Pray for all unconverted persons to be urgently converted, and all doing the devils' work in God's church to be saved or to be prevented from messing up God's church from inside or from out, in Jesus' name. Please plead Jesus' blood for all of us His people. Thanks.
    - Nov 13 2021
  • Please join us in prayer for many issues, e.g.: I have narcolepsy, bipolar disorder, Sickle Cell, heart issues, lung issues, etc. My health has been continually worsening. I used to excel at work, & I used to manage personal issues, but now am unable to do almost anything. Just to try to leave the house is a huge struggle. Please plead Jesus' blood for me& my family. Thanks.
    - Nov 11 2021
  • Happy Sabbath. Please pray for Ann and Shirley, who are under heavy demonic attack. Please please Jesus' blood for us. Thanks.
    Ann - Nov 05 2021
  • Please pray for protection for Thomas. Please pray about Livy's vehicle issues. Thanks.
    - Nov 03 2021
  • Please join us in prayer for many needed miracles in healing, getting work done, finances, transportation, relationships, and literal hand-to-hand combat with forces of darkness. Please plead Jesus' blood on our behalf. Thanks.
    - Oct 25 2021
  • I ask that you please keep my sister in law, Brandi, in your prayers. she was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor. Our family is going through a difficult time and need all the prayers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Mayra G - Oct 21 2021
    charles wright - Oct 03 2021
  • Please join me in prayer for God's Remnant to be full of Latter Rain Power, and for the devil's plans to be totally defeated in God's Church. Pray for all God's children to be united *in truth*, and not to push unity at the expense of truth, the way that the world and Babylon does. Please plead Jesus' blood on behalf of His Body. Thanks.
    - Sep 26 2021
  • My students are my children. We registered in person for online classes, and I saw these sweet children whose daddy died a few months ago, and I wanted to hug them. I couldn't, not even masked- up and sanitized, or I would be in trouble. Please pray for Jesus to come quickly, for Latter Rain Power to help us hasten His coming, for all demonic deceptions to be defeated by Jesus' blood. Thanks.
    - Sep 13 2021
  • Please pray for my colleague P. Something is wrong, and I didn't know what, but God knows. Thanks.
    - Sep 10 2021
  • I am sick, and so is my elderly mother with whom I live (many chronic issues each, recently worsening, covid-19 negative). Again, I am leaving the house when I should be arriving at work. We got news this morning of a friend's death, after Mom had an asthma attack. Please pray for the bereaved family, and for us, too. Thanks.
    - Sep 03 2021
  • I just would like prayer that I can be willing to live for God and connect with God in a way were I know He is answering my prayers and leading me in His plan. I never seem to be able to have a thriving connection with God where I know He is leading me. I have problems in my life and never seem to have a growing, fulfilling life, but rather a dull, misguided, difficult one which seems to always be my fault. I am concerned there might not be enough time. So I ask that you pray I can have hope also and get out this pit I am in and been keeping myself in.
    Ryan - Sep 03 2021
  • Happy Sabbath. Please pray for some people to pay attention to and heed lifesaving and soul- saving information, urgently. Please plead Jesus' blood against the devil and his agents. Thanks.
    - Aug 28 2021
  • I have taken on an Esther-type challenge, by God's grace. Please pray for me. Thanks.
    - Aug 25 2021
  • Please pray for me to finish the Lesson Plans that are needed by tomorrow for the new school term. Thanks.
    - Aug 24 2021
  • Please pray about a Daniel-standing-alone battle that I face, in Jesus' name. Please plead Jesus' blood on my behalf. Please also pray for healing for S, L, C, and family. Thanks.
    - Aug 21 2021
  • Please join in prayer for: 1-Healing for S & A from multiple complaints each, and deliverance from demonic attacks. 2-Open, gentle communication between Joe and Livy, and for them to be closer drawn to God. 3-Tonya lost her vehicle due to dishonest people. She is in stress without it for months. Please pray for the replacement now. Thanks for pleading Jesus' blood.
    - Aug 10 2021
    charles wright - Aug 09 2021
  • Please pray for protection from dangers and from all violence. Thanks.
    - Aug 07 2021
  • Eight months ago we lost our old '97 Corolla. We are tight financially and really in need of a vehicle. My elderly mother is ill (still alive only by God's clear miracles), and various other factors make it a must. Please pray. Thanks.
    Annie - Aug 06 2021
  • Please pray that B will give his heart to Christ and be saved in God's kingdom. Pray that he lives a long life and not lose his life prematurely because he is unprepared for heaven. Pray that he can get the victory over drugs and alcohol
    K B - Aug 04 2021
  • AKDE are in an exam now, and the invigilator did some things to throw them off. Please pray for God to glorify His name in this exam and in their lives, in Jesus' name. Thanks.
    - Jul 29 2021
  • God's Remnant is experiencing The Shaking. Please pray for Latter Rain Power, and for satanic influences to be rebuked from God's people by Jesus' blood. Thanks.
    - Jul 27 2021
  • Happy Sabbath. Praise God for miraculously keeping us alive amidst many attacks from the devil and his agents. Please pray for deliverance and healing and continued protection, in Jesus' name. Thanks.
    - Jul 24 2021
  • In high school, the Math CXC marathon session was Sabbath night, and I didn't go. Math was my second worst subject. I got II (B) and I got the prize for best CXC Math results at my school. Now my students are invited to Zoom sessions on Sabbaths for their CXC Exams for my subject. Please pray for God to do it again for them --- I (A) and II for each one, without breaking Sabbath. Thanks.
    Profesora - Jul 09 2021
  • Pray for my new marriage the devil is attacking from all sides.
    Henry S - Jul 08 2021
  • TC is in his late teens. He should be in his final year in high school, but from before covid-19 has been missing school due to a serious health issue -- bone in his hip is disintegrating, like he is in his 90s. It started around age 12. He has hip surgery right now. His younger sister is ill, also. Their parents are in distress. Please pray for miracles to help and save and heal these sweet teenagers -- they love Jesus. Thanks for praying.
    - Jul 06 2021
  • Please pray for my nephew, Derrick 33, whose lungs were injured in an explosion where he works in a power plant in Texas. He is going to get a Lung Wash Treatment. Pray that it will be successful and God will heal him of asthma he got because of the debris in his lungs from the accident, by the shed Blood of Jesus Christ on the Cross of Calvary. Thank you Jesus.
    Esther Johnson - Jul 05 2021
  • God kept our roof in storms before when much better roofs were blown off. Now we have a leak that we tried more than once to get fixed, spending money on material and workmanship -- it seems worse, instead. A neighbour cut a tree that damaged the other side of the roof, too. Elsa is nearing Jamaica. Please pray for our roof. Thanks.
    - Jul 02 2021
  • Please pray about an urgent situation that I got a promise about for today. Please pray for today to truly be the breakthrough day with this and some other situations. Thanks.
    - Jun 28 2021
  • Prayers for deliverance from a nicotine addiction & sleeping pills.
    Mr Kelly I - Jun 18 2021
  • Hi, I will be taking one of the medical boards exam in the next 2 weeks. Please pray for me. I have been giving my all and being fully dedicated to my studying. However, I recognize that only with the blessings from God I can achieve a great score. Please, pray so that the lord grant me the score that will help me in the near future match in the specialty of my choice. Thanks.
    Ale - Jun 11 2021
  • Please pray. I am a single woman, living with my ill elderly mother. I have to take three public vehicles twice, to and from work daily, with heavy bags. I lost my old car last year. My mother is unable to go out due to health, age, and the pandemic. I urgently need a miracle vehicle. Please pray. Thanks.
    - Jun 04 2021
  • Good Evening, I am soliciting prayers for several people in my life. First my family members, in particular my brother. He is currently going through some difficult circumstances, and I am praying the Lord will provide the blessings that he needs. Please pray for my co-worker who will need employment soon; friends and acquaintances. I am currently an educator and in my first semester of graduate school after many derailments over the years. I am praying for clarity of mind and peace as I progress through my studies and maintain my GPA. Peace and blessings to you and my the Lord continue to use you as a vessel to bring others closer to Him.
    Alexis C - May 25 2021
  • Praying God’s divine intervention on my immigration case to be granted positively and favorable.
    Benjamin O - May 19 2021
  • My senior students are doing their last set of exams internally before doing the CXC-CSEC external exams. The devil has been attacking them and me and the school. Please plead Jesus' blood for us. Thanks.
    - May 12 2021
  • Please pray for my elderly mother's health and safety. Thanks.
    - Apr 22 2021
  • Please pray for our school. It is under the devil's attack. Please plead Jesus' blood for every student, staff member, parent, and all stakeholders, in Jesus' name. Thanks.
    - Apr 22 2021
  • Greetings in Jesus' name. Please pray for me to get the call that I am to receive about my vehicle today, and not when I am in a meeting. It is very urgent. Pray that I will be driving my vehicle again by tomorrow -- many issues are causing trouble without it. I have t o tstruggle with heavy bags on three different public transportation vehicles for months, now, going to work, and my elderly mom is in headaches without it, too. There is a security issue, and I don't want to leave her alone at home anymore. Thanks.
    - Apr 22 2021
  • Please pray for my overdue work to get done today, now. I have been unwell, and only a miracle will help -- but God works miracles. Thanks for praying.
    - Apr 18 2021
  • I am studying theology at Newbold College in the UK and doing a part-time internship at Newbold Church - also please pray for my finances and accommodation, thank you, Philip.
    Philip - Apr 15 2021
  • I'm asking for prayer for Khadijah; pray for her salvation. Pray that she'll accept and have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
    Dee Dee - Apr 09 2021
  • Jkc was raised in the church and thoroughly taught scriptures and doctrine. Neglect from a "godly" father and other abuses from "godly" people have jkc into atheism now. Anything at all said by anyone at all regarding God in any positive light is "invalidating" jkc's feelings. Please plead Jesus' blood against the enemy for deliverance, for healing, for salvation. Thanks.
    - Apr 05 2021
  • Michael G and family need prayer urgently.
    Sandra G - Apr 03 2021
  • Please pray for __C. The devil is attacking-- please plead Jesus' blood against all demonic forces for us. Thanks.
    - Mar 31 2021
  • Greetings in Jesus' name. My work supervisor is sabotaging my work, trying to get me fired. Please plead Jesus' blood against the devil and his forces for me. Thanks.
    - Mar 28 2021
  • Greetings in Jesus' name. My internet is acting up, and I have to participate in online worship on Sabbath. Please plead Jesus' blood against the enemy. Thanks.
    - Mar 25 2021
  • Pray for anxiety,weight loss,and to reconfirm my trust in god
    Othaniel B - Mar 13 2021
  • The loss of our old car is causing lots of distress and affecting work functionality, etc. Finances are tight, and an urgent miracle is needed. Thanks for praying.
    - Mar 10 2021
  • I am due to submit grades for some students, and don't know what to submit. Online classes seemed to affect them, and almost nobody did assignments posted. I am trying to balance honest grades with lenience for their situations. I hate zeroes. Please pray. Thanks.
    - Mar 10 2021
  • I am a teacher. I am ill. My internet and my devices are misbehaving. I am not ready for my classes, and this is very frustrating and distressing. I previously got used to excellence, but now am forced to get used to mediocrity and worse. "Pride goes before a fall," after all. Please pray for me. Thanks.
    - Mar 07 2021
  • Happy Sabbath. We lost our old jalopy, and we urgently need a replacement in order to work, to minister, to function. Many issues are an issue without one. Our finances are tight. Please pray. Thanks.
    - Feb 26 2021
  • Pray for Mom's health, please. Thanks.
    - Feb 22 2021
  • Our manager just tested covid-19 positive. Not all managerial / supervisory staff (let alone line workers) and customers follow protocols. Please pray for the family, our workplace, and customers. Thanks.
    - Feb 21 2021
  • Please pray for healing and deliverance and miraculous provision for S and A, who are under attack. Please plead Jesus' blood against all demonic forces for us. Thanks.
    - Feb 21 2021
  • My mother is under demonic attack. Please plead Jesus' blood against the enemy for her. Thanks.
    - Feb 19 2021
  • Please pray for my mom Lorraine’s salvation and for her healing. She lost her hearing, has memory loss, bad posture, body pain, and blood pressure issues. Pray for excellent health. Pray she has a long life. Pray for the removal of her debt. Also, please pray for salvation and excellent health and long life for my Uncle Seve and Aunt Jackie.
    Phil C - Feb 16 2021
  • Hello church family. I'm asking for prayers for my friend Anne, whose pregnant; she's scheduled to be labor induced on Thursday February 18th 2021. Her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend is allegedly involved in the occult/witchcraft etc & seem to be trying to destroy their relationship & potentially hurt the unborn child & their other child. She feels a weird presence in her home sometimes. Anne is not a born a Christian but she is very interested in knowing more about Jesus Christ & she's decided to buy a Bible from Amazon & even downloaded a Bible app.  Thank you.
    Vee George - Feb 16 2021
  • This Little Time of Trouble is a time to be paying off and closing out debts, not just starting five- and ten- year loans, but my situation now is tight. Please pray against debt, and for me to get urgent needs met without debt, in Jesus' name. Thanks.
    - Feb 15 2021
  • Our ill boss+ family are under quarantine and did covid-19 tests, awaiting results. Please pray for them and for us:- If they are positive, workplace, workers, clients, all are in stress. Please pray for God to touch bodies, samples, testing reagents+equipment+ reporting hardware and software, everything, in Jesus' name. Thanks.
    - Feb 13 2021
  • Please pray for G to stop persecuting colleagues and just to do his job without letting the Enemy use him. Thanks.
    - Feb 02 2021
  • I praise God for saving my life by car trouble. I am pre-diabetic, with heart issues from birth, plus a list of other conditions. Work-from-home sitting for hours meant weight gain, and when I was back at work, I was driving, still. I lost my car, and this necessitated a long journey on multiple public passenger vehicles (with careless people whose masklessness and hygiene are an issue), carrying heavy bags daily. The walking took some weight off, and saved my life. Please pray for my car issues, still, and that I will keep exercising when I get a vehicle, but especially thank God with me for using a difficult situation to save my life.
    - Jan 31 2021
  • Please pray for shelter dog R. to go to a safe home for the rest of his life. Thank you
    a. b. - Jan 31 2021
  • Please pray for a work situation where a supervisor gave wrong information to make me miss some tasks and seem to the manager to shirk duty. Thanks.
    - Jan 27 2021
  • After almost a year of online- only school, we have half the students daily online & half at home, alternating days. We had severe behavioural issues before suddenly going online,& clear demonic influence was seen in many. Prayer eased some of it before we left-- we give thanks. Classes so far since we are back had a little bit of problems (mainly one specific class). Please pray for nothing worse than so far this week, only better, with the students under Holy Spirit control only, & pleading Jesus'blood against all demonic forces. Thanks.
    - Jan 12 2021
  • Please pray for me to get my vehicles to drive today, with no further delays. It is urgent. Thanks.
    - Jan 10 2021
  • Please pray for God to be glorified in healing, providing financial miracles, getting overdue work done, properly preparing & doing almost- overdue work, and many needed miracles. Thanks.
    - Jan 09 2021
  • Please pray for work issues -- I need to do excellent work, but health issues make it seem that I don't care to work well. I miss excellence, and have been stuck with below- mediocre work for too long. Please pray for miraculous healing to continue everywhere -- recently God enabled me to do some work that for a while I just could not manage, but I *need**much** more of the same. Thanks for prayers.
    - Jan 06 2021
  • Please pray for helpful blood test results and for healing, whether miraculously or via treatment that *works*. Thanks.
    - Jan 06 2021
  • Please pray for help with finances, including taxes, bills, and more.
    Charles W - Jan 05 2021
  • Please say a prayer for me from sleep paralysis. I also work overnights. Please pray for me to be filled with the Holy Spirit. I have started to fast and pray a lot more recently and I’m coming under attack. Please pray for me.
    Nkuma N - Jan 04 2021
  • Please pray for our blood tests to clearly show what is wrong and what to do. Please pray for Divine healing. Please pray for God's glory in our health, family, finances, work, ministry, everything. Thanks.
    - Jan 03 2021
  • Please pray for doctor to order needed tests, and pray for healing. Thanks.
    - Dec 30 2020
  • Please pray for my husband's salvation. He walked away from Christ, away from our marriage and started worshiping idols (eastern religion). But God has promised me that He will lead him to repentance and use him and me in His work. All I can see is things getting worse, but I walk by faith not by sight. So please pray, I want my husband to accept Jesus and come back to me. God has promised to restore every thing back to me, so I'm waiting patiently. God bless you all for your ministry. Thank you!
    Sheela - Dec 17 2020
  • Please plead Jesus' blood against the devil and his demons for our family. We are under attack, and going through distress for refusing to pay bribes. Please pray against debt and against all demonic attacks. Thanks.
    - Dec 16 2020
  • Special prayer for special protection for god through Christ to protect and remove all danger both seen and unseen and including covid-19 and all virus/&DISEASE from me and both of our families both spiritual and mental and in both professional and personal life. Give us the holy spirit. give us all positive emotion and happiness on my family.
    Charles W - Dec 16 2020
  • Today is my birthday. Thank God for keeping me alive and almost sane through thick and thin. Please pray for more blessing & keeping & protecting and urgently needed miracles. Please pray for God to be glorified in my standing for the right under pressure from almost all angles, and for Him to be glorified by blessing me so that it can be seen [by those who pressured me to do wrong] even today that I was right to do the right -- I have had some distress for a few weeks because of doing it right, and more and more are trying to convince me that I should have just done it the easier way. Thanks for praying.
    - Dec 14 2020
    Charles W - Dec 13 2020
    chuck w - Dec 11 2020
  • Please pray to our God, our saviour Jesus Christ for Elina, that she gives her heart, her life to Jesus Christ our Messiah and that God opens her eyes and ears and she hears the voice of God and sees the way of God and is saved into everlasting life with Father and our Lord Jesus Christ. Please pray for her salvation, blessing and guidance of The Most High, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. Thank you Jesus, than you all, be blessed.
    Janis D - Dec 11 2020
  • We are in the Little Time of Trouble, and God's people are not ready for the big Time of Trouble upon us -- any minute now. Please pray Latter Rain Power. Thanks.
    - Dec 10 2020
  • Greetings in Jesus' name. Please pray for DS, ST, AT, and our associates, who all went through a recent ordeal and huge disappointment. The devil is trying to discourage and depress us more and more. Please plead Jesus' blood against the enemy. Thanks.
    - Dec 07 2020
  • Please pray for F, who who is under stress and gained lots of weight. Pray for M, who is worrying and missing sleep. Pray for S, who is under demonic oppression due to family members who dedicated her to the devil when she wanted to serve God. Please plead Jesus' blood against the devil and his forces for each one. Thanks.
    - Dec 03 2020
  • The signs show now is Little Time of Trouble, and the BIG one is around the corner. My current finances say that the time for saving was a few years ago. Please pray for His glory in my finances. Thanks.
    - Nov 30 2020
  • I am currently involved in a very acrimonious divorce. My husband committed adultery repeatedly and has been abusive. Please pray that he will choose to settle and allow us all to go on with our lives.
    C B - Nov 30 2020
  • Please pray for our transportation issues, health problems, work tools, etc. Thanks.
    - Nov 28 2020
    Charles W - Nov 27 2020
  • My husband Juan Pablo and I are trying to get into medical residency this year. We want to help the community and serve God with all that we have. With the pandemic situation everything became more complicated and now the only requirement we still need to fulfill is that my husband pass his English exam of OET. He will get the results on December 10 so please help me pray for him. We live in Colombia and my husband believes in God but he is not an Adventist yet.. He is learning about God and he has tried so hard and studied for this exam and I told him to believe in God. I’m teaching him that only with God impossible becomes possible and that he needs to have faith.
    Maria F - Nov 27 2020
  • Special prayer for special protection for god through Christ to protect and remove all danger both seen and unseen and including covid-19 and all virus/&DISEASE from me and both of our families both spiritual and mental and in both professional and personal life. Give us the holy spirit. give us all positive emotion and happiness on my family list.
    Charles W - Nov 25 2020
  • Greetings in the name of the LORD, Please pray for me to have wisdom and discernment as well as patience as I battle a chronic disease. I also need a tv and recorder to watch hope channel with my neighbors, may the will of the LORD be done in my life AMEN!
    Ivan M - Nov 24 2020
  • Greetings in the name of JESUS, please pray for my sister's baby Blessing who was born prematurely to grow up into a strong lady in the service of the LORD along with my brother Joseph who is sick, may the LORD bless you all, AMEN!
    Ivan M - Nov 24 2020
  • Greetings in Jesus' name, please pray for my uncle Solomon to retain his job and also stop drinking and turn back to the LORD he first believed and may the will of the LORD be done in his life, AMEN!
    Ivan M - Nov 24 2020
  • Greetings in the name our LORD, Please pray for my family especially my dad with who we have a poor relationship, may the LORD transform our hearts and prepare us for HIS second coming and HIS will be done in our lives, AMEN!
    Ivan M - Nov 24 2020
  • Please pray for me to get the job that I applied for without hindering my Sabbath worship as well as my friend Ruth to get a job and may she accept Jesus as her Savior and may the will of God be done Amen.
    Ivan M - Nov 24 2020
  • Please join me in prayer for Uganda during this difficult political season there so as peace may prevail and pray for the outpouring of the latter rain in these last days, Amen.
    Ivan M - Nov 24 2020
  • Please pray about a promise that God made. The devil has been blocking/ postponing it like in Daniel when Gabriel was delayed. Please pray with me for God to stop the devil's delay, in Jesus' name. Thanks.
    - Nov 22 2020
  • Please pray for healing and for energy, and for removal of blockages to my work not only with health but with work tools and traveling, etc. Please plead Jesus' blood against the enemy for me. Thanks.
    - Nov 18 2020
  • Please pray that Melissa and Melinda will be saved and in God's kingdom
    K Brown - Nov 09 2020
  • Please pray that Barron will come to Christ and be saved in God's kingdom
    K B - Nov 09 2020
  • Please pray God will give me the job He has for me, ASAP.
    - Nov 07 2020
  • Tanner is 20 and was diagnosed with Glioblastoma cancer. At this point they say it is an 80 to 90 percent chance it is what he has. If it is this is an incurable form of brain cancer and is very fast acting. Please pray for this young man.
    John G - Nov 03 2020
  • My dad died 4 years ago. My mom died 2 years ago. I was their caregiver for about 10 years. My parents did not leave a will. This means their house title is now under all four of us their children. My sister wants $25,000 to quit claim her part of the property. I only have $17,000 from a bank loan. If my sister would give me a year to get the money, I would be able to do it, but she is taking me to court. Please pray that this house situation will be resolved. Also for me to be able to deal with my sister. I need God to provide a solution for my problem.
    Elena R - Oct 27 2020
  • Please pray about device and connectivity issues for online school, as well as work and transportation issues. Thanks.
    - Oct 27 2020
  • Thank you so so soooo tremendously much for praying for me, it means a whole lot to me. God is working with me in a healing process through the Bible school I am participating in. Please continue to pray for the right job opportunities for me and bless me with a job that will have a positive, happy, safe atmosphere of peace and respect and gives me enough finances. Please pray for breakthrough and for Jesus His healing and deliverance for me in every area of my life. Also please continue to pray for God to constantly bless and protect my marriage.
    Amanda V - Oct 27 2020
  • My elderly mother suddenly has a puffy, weird-shaped, painful abdomen. Please pray. (It might be kidney stones again, we don't know.) Thanks.
    - Oct 24 2020
  • I am in great need of a vehicle to get to work an hour away (my driving) or three public vehicles away. Please pray that I will get through in the next few hours as I try to get it. It is needed for ministry to others, and the people around are rather careless on public transport in this covid-19 time (my list of preexisting conditions is not short). Thanks.
    - Oct 22 2020
  • Please Pray that B can get off drugs and alcohol. He has been battle drugs for the last 30 years. He got addicted to cocaine in the army at age 20. 30 years later he is still addicted to crack cocaine and keeps relapsing. Please Pray that God will give him strength to finally beat this and also pray for his Salvation that he will be in the first resurrection. Thanks! God Bless!!!
    K B - Oct 20 2020
  • Special prayer for special protection for god through Christ to protect and remove all danger both seen and unseen and including covid-19 and all virus/&DISEASE from me and both of our families both spiritual and mental and in both professional and personal life. Give us the holy spirit. give us all positive emotion and happiness on my family.
    Charles W - Oct 18 2020
  • Please pray with me about health issues, financial issues, work tools, transportation, relationships, etc. Please plead Jesus' blood on behalf of several friends and family members for salvation and deliverance. Thanks.
    - Oct 17 2020
  • Please pray for S, who is very depressed and lonely. She beats herself up any time that she says or does anything unwise, and her memory has decreased, so she gets lots of reasons to beat herself up. She gets suicidal. Please pray for miracles. Thanks.
    - Oct 15 2020
  • I need to know what to do, remember what to do, have the mental and physical energy and fully functional equipment and connections to do what to do, and have cooperation to do what to do. Please pray for me. Thanks.
    - Oct 12 2020
  • Please pray for many miracles for us, pleading Jesus' blood for deliverance in:- -- A school situation with teachers' devices and internet, and students lacking connections and devices for school. -- A situation with getting some needed authorizations to function legally and normally. -- Healing. -- Finances. -- Relationships. -- Latter Rain Power for all God's Remnant. Thanks.
    - Oct 11 2020
  • Greetings in Jesus' name. My family and I have been under demonic attack in every way, including our belongs, health, energy, work, and ministry. Please plead Jesus' blood against the enemy for us. It is urgent. Thanks.
    - Oct 08 2020
  • We have to spend the night with demonic music next door, laced with expletives and heavy, syncopated beats, with Jesus' name interspersed. Please plead Jesus' blood against the devil and his forces for us. Thanks.
    - Oct 06 2020
    C W - Oct 06 2020
  • Need desperate prayer. Lots have happened to me lately. My cars motor went out, lost my job due to the car, evicted due to lose of a job, had to move in with my daughter and she wants me out, had a heart attack and stents placed. Pray I get a car and job and a new home and my health gets better..pray my tax comes in.
    Henry S - Oct 05 2020
  • Please pray for my laptop to function again. I need it to teach online. Also, I need proper internet. Please pray for healing, and to get overdue work behind me. Thanks.
    - Oct 04 2020
  • Please join me in prayer for deliverance in Jesus' name for A and S, who are under attack. Health, work, finances, family, all are under attack. Thanks for pleading Jesus' blood.
    - Sep 27 2020
    charles w - Sep 27 2020
  • Please join me in prayer for my laptop to function again. I need it to teach online. Please also pray for good internet service. Pray for the students needing devices and connections. Please pray for healing, too. Thanks.
    - Sep 27 2020
  • special prayer for special protection for God through Christ to protect and remove all danger both seen and unseen away from me and both in our jobs and home professional and personal life. give us all positive emotion and happiness and will , time to read his word to understand, father son, holy spirit on all levels.
    charles wright - Sep 24 2020
  • I restarted online teaching this week. My laptop functioned last school year for classes, with the only problem being internet inconsistency. Now the laptop is malfunctioning, and my less capable cheap smart phone is half doing the job, but much of what needs to be done needs this laptop running. Please pray. Please also pray for the students without devices or internet connections. Thanks.
    - Sep 22 2020
  • Please pray for my laptop. I teach Spanish. As online school is restarting, it seems to be starting acting up. Please plead Jesus' blood to rebuke the enemy. Thanks.
    - Sep 20 2020
  • Missing items that I asked for prayer for are now BACK, Hallelujah! They were found where we checked before (AGAIN). Thanks for praying.
    - Sep 20 2020
  • Please pray I will find a job soon and be able to sleep at night
    Crystal V - Sep 14 2020
  • I have had victories (needing many more) and defeats (needing that to reach zero). Please plead Jesus' blood against the enemy for me and my family. Thanks.
    - Sep 14 2020
    charles w - Sep 14 2020
  • Happy Sabbath. A small card case with bank cards, driver's license, and businessplace loyalty cards, vanished this week, and a bunch of keys is missing, too. Please pray. Thanks.
    - Sep 12 2020
  • I need my brain back.
    - Sep 11 2020
  • Please pray about missing / vanished documents. Thanks.
    - Sep 10 2020
  • Happy Sabbath night. Please pray for my mother, who is elderly and unwell. She has some recent unusual complaints, which the doctor is ignoring, only bothering about the hypertension that he has been treating for years. Thanks.
    - Sep 05 2020
  • I have health issues for years that include frequent respiratory symptoms. I expressed concern about symptoms when our work started going back to the workplace after working from home. I had specific precautions in mind to prevent panic or quarantines should my symptoms appear, but was told to stay home and continue working from home and not come in. My supervisor then tried to use this against me, to seem like I am trying to get out of doing my work. God got the supervisor out instead of me, and I thank Him and those who prayed for me. I am no longer made to feel like I am banned from the workplace. God bless you as you continue praying --- people present are being influenced by this now absent person, and I need to very obviously be doing my work well. Thanks.
    - Sep 03 2020
  • Please pray about terrible health issues messing with my work. Thanks.
    - Aug 27 2020
  • Both of us have clinical depression. Both are stressed & fatigued. I keep saying the wrong things that S is unable to handle at all, causing worsening distress. Please pray for us. Thanks
    - Aug 20 2020
  • Jamaica is due elections next year. The same PM lauded for keeping covid-19 cases down turned around to call elections early, and except for a Divine miracle, cases will now skyrocket, prompting lockdowns. Please pray for that miracle, pleading Jesus' blood against the devil. Thanks.
    - Aug 19 2020
  • Both of us have chronic bronchitis, and we had acute episodes about 3-4 weeks before covid-19 hit this country. Respiratory symptoms are the norm for us for years. We have seeming flare ups of the bronchitis right now, which we cannot afford, regardless, but moreso in covid-19 times. Please pray. Thanks.
    - Aug 15 2020
  • Happy Sabbath. Please pray for the services this Sabbath -- I have to participate in more than one thing, and am not as prepared as I would like to be. Please pray for divine help and also divine defense, by Jesus' blood, against some attacks that the devil has been launching. Thanks.
    - Aug 14 2020
  • Please pray for debt to be done with, in Jesus' name. Thanks.
    - Aug 14 2020
    C W - Jul 21 2020
  • Special prayer for my sister and her husband for special angels around their premises and wedge their marriage together. Remove any unclean spirit in the house and about them and have them never come back. Also protection and any pestilence.
    charles w - Jun 08 2020
  • Please pray for my sick brother. He is suffering with heartburn may GOD heal him.
    Kenneth M - May 24 2020
  • Please pray for my father Kiro who had a stroke on Friday. He is in the ICU, not able to move, speak or eat. We are heartbroken and scared, but we know God is the best healer. Amen
    Vlado A - May 24 2020
  • Please pray for Tamara. May God be by her side through these tough times. Please look over her in this time. Please help her find strength and help her heal. God bless her,
    Frank R - May 10 2020
  • Please pray to God, Jesus Christ with me for Elina, for her salvation, to God to give her gift of faith and open her eyes so she can see the truth clearly, to return her heart to our saviour Jesus Christ and she is saved in everlasting life with our Lord. Amen
    Janis D - May 02 2020
  • Hello, I beg to you very much to join me in prayers to God, Jesus Christ for E, for her salvation, Please pray that God blesses her very much, gives her gift of faith and saves her life from death. I also pray very strongly to God that he resolves and improves our relationship with E. Please join me in these prayers for E, may the Lord be with you, Amen
    Janis Danilevics - Apr 19 2020
  • Please pray for my grandmother Frankie. She is bedridden with dementia and her lucid moments are full of crying and asking when she will get better. Pray for my mother who has to take care of her all day; that she be blessed with patience and kindness in this hard time.
    Brandan S - Apr 16 2020
  • Very Sick it might be covid-19 I pray for complete healing and protection charles wright.
    charles w - Mar 27 2020
  • I believe the Lord is leading me into a fast during this season, because of the worldwide coronavirus outbreak. Pray that the Lord will show me how this fast should be conducted, how long, and pray for the strength to enter into and complete this fast. Pray for the discipline to cry out for the countries and individuals with coronavirus. I believe the Lord is bringing a great shaking, and I want Him to bring the gospel and inner cleansing and healing to those with coronavirus. Pray that many other Christians in my part of Virginia will join me in this fast; we will be stronger together. Pray that it will be a season of brokenness for us, a season of transformation, where we learn to walk in deeper intimacy with Christ, and get deeply in touch with His heart for the nations. (Ezek 22:30-31)
    Seth M - Mar 15 2020
  • I want to know God’s will. Do I take back the diamond ring or do I let it go? I want to make the right decision.
    Laura B. - Nov 20 2019
  • Please pray for my husband's salvation. He left church, started worshiping idols and walked out of our marriage. I want him to accept Jesus and to come back home. God has been assuring me through His words (I have gotten more than 500 promises from Him) that He will talk to my husband face to face, grant him repentance and bring him back to me. My only trust is my loving Savior. I'm waiting patiently on Him to grant me justice. So, please pray. Thank you. God bless you.
    Sheela S - Nov 15 2019
  • My daughter in law said I could never see my grandchildren again. I am going to court and ask for grandparent visitation. Please pray if it is God's Holy Will that the court will grant me visitation. It has been very hard on my grandson Lucius we are very close. I have 3 grandchildren and they want to see me and I want to see them. Praise God's Holy Name
    Laura B - Nov 08 2019
  • Please pray for my friend Kurt P. He’s challenged with many daily tasks, working long stressful hours, tough life events, loss during recent California wildfires, health issues and fear of unknown. Years ago, You blessed him, his life turned around and today he needs another intervention. Bring him peace, guidance, and light his path to show him what to accomplish and to what to say no. Help him ease his daily schedule so he can have time for selfcare, family and close friends. Guide him to better opportunities while giving him strength through You. Amen
    V.K. A - Oct 31 2019
  • Please Pray for my husband Preston, that he would turn back to God. The God would transform his heart sot hat he would be the Man of God that our family needs. That all communication between him and the other woman would be severed in Jesus' name and that the soul tie would be broken. That God would restore, renew and heal our marriage. That he would fall back in love with me again and be truthful and honest.
    Jena B - Oct 30 2019
  • Pray GOD Blesses Filiberto above and beyond his imagination.
    - Oct 28 2019
  • I need my car prayed for Sounds crazy but it's my only way to work. Pray for it or a new affordable one.
    Henry S - Oct 22 2019
  • Please pray for my relationship restoration with A. It's been over 2 weeks he is not talking to me and has blocked me everywhere. I love him a lot and want to marry him. We have been in a relationship for more than 3 years now. Please pray that GOD gives him a new mind towards me and a new heart of flesh.Please pray I believe GOD is able to do anything and everything.
    Punam C - Oct 16 2019
  • Can you pray for Khadijah that God will save her and that she will find a church home to get into the words of God. Pray that God will open up her spiritual eyes and give her a heart after Jesus Christ.
    Dee Dee - Oct 02 2019
  • Please pray for my marriage restoration .My husband and I are living separately for 4 years .i have tried to bring him back in my life but due to misunderstandings and egos he is not ready .We don’t communicate at all .I love my husband so much .Our marriage is on a verge of a breaking . My Husband has started divorce paperwork and I don’t want it .My request is for the miracle of marriage restoration and that God will soften rojo’s (husband )heart to reconcile this marriage and not go through with divorce. For God nothing is impossible so please pray for my husband so that Jesus touches his heart . I am badly shattered and broken .please pray for me thank you .
    Crystal R - Sep 24 2019
  • Single father need work and my car prayed for that it won't break down and I can work
    Henry S - Sep 01 2019
  • pray to have my contractor job pay more than my current job.
    charles w - Aug 10 2019
  • I am rather we are requesting prayer, I’ve never done this or even attempted to before, not sure how it works. Currently me and my two sons are facing hardship, our car was recently smashed by a falling tree which made it unable to be driven, after putting in a claim form to the city of Ceres and hearing nothing back they ended up towing my vehicle. I’ve been out of work for three months and I’ve applied to dozens of places and continue to do so today with little luck due to not having a vehicle to get to point A and B, I’m willing to work and willing to do almost anything but it seems things keep getting worse before they get better, my oldest son has a birthday coming up soon and both boys go back to school and I haven’t been able to provide them with much. I’m not asking for any handouts or anything as such, I just want a prayer sent out and an opportunity. If possible thank you and God Bless
    Darius W - Jul 26 2019
  • I am asking for prayer because I am in a relationship that is recently causing me great anxiety and depression. The person has generally treated me well in the past, but recently I feel I am walking on egg shells and am blamed for everything. It upsets me so much that it is affecting my job and everyday life. I would like God's help in restoring this relationship, because it used to feel peaceful, and fulfilling but for puzzling reasons, it has recently changed. I don't want to lose the person but they are so self-focused and has a need for outside attention and this causes unnecessary instability. I am worried to bring up any of my concerns to this person because I feel the reaction might make things worse. This person is important to me so I am sad. Thank you for your prayers.
    Jesse J - Jun 26 2019
  • Please pray for urgent financial blessings on me and my family and that we don't lose our house. Please pray that our Lord blesses my husband with plenty of business and success in his work and keeps him safe always. Thank you.
    Sony M - Jun 16 2019
  • Special prayer requested
    - Jun 15 2019
  • Please pray my agency finds me work or I find a full time job. Have kids and don't want to lose our home.
    Henry S - Jun 15 2019
  • Please pray for me. I feel depressed about my life. I feel like God is not listening to me and various fears I have seem to be taking place. I don’t know what to do anymore. Reading the Bible and prayer seem to not be helping me. I have a relationship that was going well but suddenly feels unpredictable and disappointing. I would like God to help me restore this relationship. I also feel overwhelmed at work and my personal troubles are affecting my job. God bless you and thank you for your prayers.
    J J - Jun 13 2019
  • Please pray for my best friend JK who I know since kindergarten for more than 40 years, to find her Savior. I pray for the Holy Spirit to do the work and make her curious. She never had interest in spirituality, purpose, salvation, and it breaks my heart knowing she never experienced the grace of God. I pray for God to find a way, to spark her interest and faith. Amen
    Vlado A - Jun 07 2019
  • Please pray for me. I need God's Help with my US Citizenship. I had my naturalization interview almost 10 months ago and still no answer. I really worry about it and need God's peace and miracle. Please pray for my citizenship. God Bless You!!!
    VICTOR B - May 14 2019
  • Please pray that God will give my sisters, brother in law, me and my son complete victory over food addiction so that we can follow the health message. We want to eat the way God instructed us to eat, but cravings for unhealthy foods are too strong for us to conquer on our own. Thank you.
    Michelle - Apr 20 2019
  • Please pray for my wife. She has become quite violent lately and we have had to separate. Please pray she softens her heart and repents of this and works to seek reconciliation. And that she seeks to be more Christ-like and gentle. That she has a total heart conversion. Thank you, God bless.
    A Husband - Mar 30 2019
  • Please pray for my grandmother who is in the hospital. Her name is Dena.
    Olivia V - Mar 23 2019
  • Please pray for my wife. She is struggling with outbursts of anger. Please pray she sees the error of her ways and that God gives her a calm and gentle spirit. God bless.
    Anonymous James - Mar 21 2019
  • Please pray for my husband, that he would come back to God and that God would give him new heart God loving faithful and honest and pure heart. That God would help him overcome all his ungodly addictions and give him love for God’s word. Thank you for praying!
    Ausra P - Mar 21 2019
  • Please I need prayer for my marriage. I am seeing signs that my spouse might be unfaithful. I need clarity and guidance. God bless.
    J B - Mar 12 2019
    charles wright - Mar 04 2019
  • For my sister who is disabled and has received a letter from the welfare department that the first decision to stop her disability allowance had been upheld - She had appealed their first decision hoping that welfare department would have reinstated her allowance. I ask for your prayers in this matter, has we are going to appeal again and need the outcome to be a positive result.
    Audrey Wilson - Feb 26 2019
  • I often feel that I’m hardly making it, and I need a lot more wisdom. Please pray that God will give me wisdom for success in every area of life. Pray for the wisdom to succeed in college, in all my classes. Pray for wisdom to take care of my health. Pray for wisdom in relationships. I graduate in 2 months, so pray especially for wisdom to plan for the future. Wisdom to plan out where to live, and wisdom to apply for the right job for after I graduate. Pray for wisdom to pursue and fulfill God’s purpose and calling for my life. Pray for wisdom to live for the Lord and serve the Lord well. Pray for wisdom in every area of my life, and that God will answer this beyond anything I could imagine. Thanks.
    Seth M - Feb 17 2019
  • Hello, I am asking for a special prayer request. I am feeling very sad. I am having finance troubles, and troubles in a relationship. I have been very snappy lately and argumentative but it is because I feel I am not being treated with respect. I am sorry for all of my rude behaviors and I have asked God for forgiveness but I still feel a sense of guilt. I often feel that I am punished in my relationship with the silent treatment and grudges.I ask that you pray that God help me restore my relationship, and that there is more understanding and compassion. I feel my faith is weak but I don't want to give up on God. I feel alone and misunderstood. I want to be a better Christian and be more like Christ but I feel so distant from God. I just have an overall sense of despair and that is why I am asking for prayer. God bless you and thank you.
    J J - Feb 15 2019
  • Removed my negative programming from past , remove , fear and pain, hate in all my thoughts and action that is to in every giving moment, remove all seen and unseen forces that’s is causing me to fail and procrastinate and replace it with confidence , love , happiness.
    charles w - Feb 14 2019
  • I thank the Lord that He helped me to go back home to my family! I praise him with all my heart! I have missed my home country so much that it has made me physically and mentally sick. May the Lord heal me fully! With all my heart i scream to the Lord do not send me back to Australia! Please provide a solution that i do not need to leave home again! But if it is the Lords will help me to have the strength to go back. May He help me back home again when it is time.
    Tuija M - Feb 13 2019
  • Thank you for your prayers my mom has heart failure she needs to take hawthorne vitamin c and cayenne in enough dosage and she is not , please pray that she does so thank you I need help to have stability, clients and employees. Please pray for a court case. Please pray for my brother to be healed from bipolar and other illnesses. Please pray for my family to be saved.
    phil PHIL - Feb 12 2019
  • I'm a single father with kids Please pray my agency finds me work and my car will keep running to make it to work. My daughter also has a lump pray it goes away. Thank you
    Henry S - Jan 26 2019
  • Please pray that God will give me great wisdom in every area of my life. I’m struggling financially, I want to finish well this last semester and get my bachelor’s degree, and I need to focus on the future. It’s hard to balance everything and stay focused, especially when I’m struggling to get the money to eat sometimes. Please pray for wisdom in every area of my life. Pray that God will teach me the wisdom of Proverbs, and teach me to live it out well, and pray that I will receive all the blessings promised in the book of Proverbs to those who live it out faithfully. I believe God will answer this prayer, because God promises to give wisdom to those who ask for it with faith. Thanks for your prayers!
    Seth M - Jan 23 2019
  • I have started college classes on Friday and I am taking them on most Wednesdays and Fridays so please pray so that I may do well on them.
    Jonathan A - Jan 19 2019
  • I’m living in the city of Portland, OR, and I will soon be graduating with a bachelor’s degree. I’ve attended different churches, and one regularly, but I haven’t had the sense that I’ve found a real church home, where I can really grow. Please pray that the Lord will lead me to a church home of His choosing. Pray for a church that teaches Scripture in such a way that people are growing, that is serious about home Bible studies. Pray for a church with powerful weekly corporate prayer, a church where there is also deep corporate repentance, where they preach holiness. Pray for a church where there is deep love, community and family, and also a church that reaches out to the community. Pray for a church where people’s lives are changing and growing. Pray for a church where I will be able to meet a godly Christian woman who will become my wife, and raise a godly family. Thanks for your prayers.
    Seth M - Jan 05 2019
  • Pray God Blesses Filiberto
    - Jan 01 2019
  • Can you pray for me that God will put a repentance spirit in me and for me to be delivered from all spiritual attacks of Satan in my mind; I’m asking in Jesus name. Amen
    Jamal C - Dec 17 2018
  • Hello, I am asking for prayer. I don't really have the words right now. I am feeling discouraged and depressed. I read the Bible every day and pray but I feel my life is out of order. I try to remember to be thankful for the blessings but then uncertainty comes back to me. My faith is weak. I have been working on amending relationships and I don't know that I see progress. There are people that I care about who have hurt me and I feel my self-worth is pretty low. Thank you for your prayers. God Bless you.
    J J - Dec 12 2018
  • I'm being sued for a repossessed car. Please pray I can find help. I am a single father with two kids and don't want to lose everything.
    Henry S - Dec 08 2018
  • Hello, I am asking for prayer today. I am going through some financial constraints and spiritual confusion. I have asked God to forgive me for my sins but I feel a pending sense of guilt. I have also asked anyone I have offended for forgiveness but I find that I am being punished and being given the silent treatment, instead of being forgiven. Even though I am a sinner, I don't feel I deserve that. There is one particular relationship that is important to me that is shaky and is making me depressed. I want to have peace with everyone but I don't feel peace within myself. I feel lost and I can't seem to feel God's presence. Please pray for me so that I can continue to be a good Christian and follower of Jesus. God bless you. Thank you.
    J J - Dec 04 2018
  • I’ve been a regular giver for years, but I’ve always felt that I don’t have a complete enough understanding how God wants me to handle finances, so I wanted to ask for prayer for this. I view the tithe as more of a principle than an absolute, but please pray that God will give me clarity and a depth of understanding about the tithe. Should the tithe be out of the net or gross income? Pray for clarity on where the tithe should go. Should I give it all to my local church, or can I divide it between different ministries? Also, please pray for clarity on how I should handle giving while I’m getting out of debt. Should I still give above and beyond? Should I give less? Please pray for God’s great wisdom and insight about these things. Thank you so much.
    Seth M - Nov 29 2018
  • Please pray for my wife. She is feeling very depressed and defeated.
    Erick V - Nov 25 2018
  • Please pray that God sends me a life partner.
    Phil C - Nov 24 2018
  • Please pray for me. My relationship with the Lord has been damaged; I no longer experience the presence (Spirit) of God or His guidance. Please pray for these to return so that I can once again communicate with God. Also, I am schizophrenic and have been suicidally depressed because of it. I'm not suicidal now but would appreciate prayer for both the voices I hear to go away and for freedom from suicidal thinking. Also, one of the effects of the schizophrenia is that I need near-constant distraction to deal with the trauma of what I've been through. I'd appreciate prayer to heal my consciousness. Thank you kindly.
    Rachel S - Nov 22 2018
  • Please pray for our cat Shuttie. She has been blinded by medication. Please pray that her site can be restored. Thank you.
    - Nov 19 2018
  • Hi brother or sister, I am writing to request a prayer, please. I am asking that you pray for a relationship that has been very up and down over the last year. I have tried to make amends and prayed about it but it seems that when everything is going well, something happens that reverses all of the goodness that has been abundant in this relationship. I believe in God and that Jesus died on the cross for my sins, but I constantly battle feelings of guilt and regret because my standards seem so high. It affects me in all areas, at work, in my domestic life, etc. I want to be a good Christian and although I read the Bible and pray, I feel like a failure. I know that God forgives me but I sometimes feel disappointment when my loved ones hold grudges. I am asking for prayer to mend this relationship and spiritual guidance to keep Jesus in my heart. Thank you. God bless you.
    J J - Oct 29 2018
  • pray for to get rid of my depression and wicked evil images the spontaneous trigger in my mind. Don’t think it come from me. Replace bad images with good happy images on a constant bases.
    charles wright - Oct 28 2018
  • The voice of Prophesy sang today a hymn that has the words "don't be afraid of the darkness" In what Hymn book is that hymn? Pastor Diel, our Pastor a few years ago and Bass in one of the many quartets. Do you know the name of that hymn?
    Cesar Mendoza - Oct 27 2018
  • Pray my car does not break down. It's the only way to work to provide money for my family.
    Henry S. - Oct 18 2018
  • Please pray that my enemies will not triumph over me .and" those who are watching critically for my failure will see the truth triumph gloriously." I pray Jeremiah 20: 11, and may my Father give me total deliverance, and His name will be glorified in my case. coming up in few days..
    Jackie Climo - Sep 27 2018
  • Prayers for God’s protection during my grueling 3 week trip. I need Holy Spirit to take control, help me be more disciplined, to say NO to electronics, internet and social media, to have good, healthy sleep. I need to be guided by my Savior, to be less angry, find closure, be driven in life and work. Amen
    Vlado A - Aug 29 2018
  • Hello, I am asking for prayer for a broken relationship. There is a lot of tension and stress in my everyday life because of this relationship. I pray that God help me become a better Christian and that God touch the heart of my friend and that we may have peace and learn to live in harmonious way. I have been struggling with my faith recently and I need prayer to restore my relationship with God. I feel that God is so distant from me. Thank you for your prayer and may God bless you.
    Jesse J - Aug 21 2018
  • I am facing lot of problems. Facing all time bad luck. Enemies create to much problems. Please pray for me. Please pray that I can remove negative influences and negative people. Remove astral block. Pray for house cleaning.
    James D - Aug 06 2018
  • Been very sick for 3 weeks and needing healing prayers.
    Kelly I - Aug 03 2018
  • Please pray for me that my psychiatrist would set right medication to me. I don't know what medcine to choose. Former doesn't have effect already.
    Sasha M - Jul 31 2018
  • Good Evening Please pray for a young man named Nick who i met tonight in the grocery store parking lot while i was picking my son up from work. Nick is 25 years old and is a heroin addict. He shared his story with me He never knew his dad His mom left him with his grandmother who abused him and to escape the pain and anxiety he started abusing painkillers which led him down the road to heroin. He says he is tired of living like he is living. Please pray for him.
    Karen M - Jul 03 2018
  • 1- I have been cheated out of months of performance incentive of at work. Please pray for them to give me it all now. 2- Some devilish people mixing demon worship with Christianity are trying to deceive some brethren. 3- Two family members are active witnesses, spreading the Everlasting Gospel, and Satan attacked our health and finances. Please plead Jesus' blood against Satan on our behalf. Thanks.
    - Jun 24 2018
  • Request Prayer....have me pass the NETWORKING COMTIA test. retention and the best job ever..
    charles wright - Jun 14 2018
  • Heavenly father we come to lift up in prayer the people of Hawaii who haves lost their belongings during the volcano destruction in their state for the media claims over 600 homes have been destroyed in the last month. Lord bless my sister in-law family Lord that they are keep safe from the destruction of the volcanoes in their state, and send the people of Hawaii the assistance that they need. Amen!
    CHAFES Ministries A Adventist Community Service Advocate - Jun 10 2018
  • Please pray For my poor financial situations, and forgive me for my all sins, and giving me a graceful, peaceful, joyful, blessed and happy life with Lord Jesus in my family without any problems.
    Ajit Yadav - Jun 10 2018
  • Please pray for me my molars are filled with cavities please.
    leah phiri - May 28 2018
  • Please pray for my wife Susana. We just found out she has shingles.
    Erick Vest - May 26 2018
  • Please pray for me that I could heal from milk fever.
    Alex - May 08 2018
  • I pray for healthy strong gums and teeth. I pray to keep my teeth. I pray for full healthy strong gums and mouth health. I pray to stop grinding my teeth. I pray to have a confident smile. I also pray for my boyfriend's health.
    Teresa Teresa - Apr 12 2018
  • I am asking you to please pray for me. Please pray for my family and for a relationship that I am working on mending. This relationship is important to me. I have asked God to forgive me for my past mistakes. God is good. Praised be his name. I am also looking for a place to live and I ask that you to please pray I cam find an affordable place. I thank you. God bless you.
    J J - Apr 09 2018
  • I need prayers to be motivated, productive and have a routine. I have no pleasure in doing things and it makes me sad and depressed. I am tired of being a grown up and not responsible, wasting time, addicted to electronics, and not active. I need God to intervene in my life. Amen
    Vlado A - Feb 22 2018
  • Special prayer me to acquire quick learning, get my IT certifications, remove my depression, heal my back and body and live up my full potential.
    charles wright - Feb 08 2018
  • My dear brothers and sisters help me thank God for the parents he gave me they are loving and caring parents who go out of their way to help in an way possible no matter the circumstances. I thank God for such a blessing. May God bless my parents grant them eternal life, give them many years of good health and excellent finances to go buy their day to day expenses and wishes of life. Dear Lord, i don't know how to thank you for these gifts/blessings. Glory be to you for ever and ever Amen!
    Admire Mubaiwa - Feb 05 2018
  • That I may find a job that Suits me the best and to give glory to God. Salvation will come to my family.
    Anonymous - Oct 28 2017
  • Please pray I am healed loud tinnitus and insomnia. Also pray for project to be resolved and help with my recent move.
    Mark - Oct 26 2017
  • Please pray for healing of my constant loud tinnitus, insomnia, and depression. My life feels like it is falling apart and I pray that it can get better not just for me but others around me.
    Mark - Oct 24 2017
  • I have two part time jobs now and I am so blessed that God gave me those two jobs so please pray so that I may do well on those jobs.
    Jonathan A - Oct 22 2017
  • Unspoken requests
    A E - Oct 13 2017
  • Please pray for my brother, Ralph B, that he will be healed of all the cancer and arthritis ravaging his body. Pray that he will be made whole again. In Jesus Christ's almighty name we pray this prayer. Amen.
    Alma Sporman - Sep 29 2017
  • Prayers for finding a better job and paying for my vehicle.
    Mr Kelly I - Sep 28 2017
  • Please pray for my health, mom and my sister. We have hair loss/shedding which might be due to health issues. Thank you my Lord. In Jesus name I pray Amen Thank you
    Vanesa Garces - Sep 22 2017
  • Please pray for my protection and well being. The past few weeks I have been feeling attacked by demons and I don't know what to do. Its getting to the point where I have begun to fear for my life and for the lives of my 4 children. There have been changes in personality, depression and the overall health of my family. Please pray that my family and I are blessed and protected.
    Consuela Pippins - Sep 16 2017
  • im doing my mba here in chennai,India. It would be of great help if you could remember a particular thing in your prayers. As far as my classes are concerned they only function from monday to friday. But i jus heard that the Cycle tests, Model Exams and the Final exams might fall on saturdays. From the time i heard it, it has troubled me greatly. Im going to talk to my class coordinator about this and seek her help in this regard and also request the controller of examinations if recommended by her. Ive been praying about this a lot. If i skip my exams it would affect my Course completion as well as my chances of landing in a job. And Yes Our God is even Greater than all these things and he has a plan for me. But it stresses me to pass through these things.Please do pray for me and everyone who has this problem. Thank you so much
    Jenson Samuel - Sep 12 2017
  • Please pray for healing for my brother Edwin. He had surgery to remove a malignant tumor. It’s a very aggressive cancer. He needs a miracle. Thanks for your prayers. God bless!
    Maribel R - Sep 08 2017
  • My brother was in a motorcycle accident and has been lost and brought back a number of times. He has many broken bones and internal injuries. He has survived 5 surgeries thus far but was given the wrong blood type and is having a bad reaction. Please pray for his restoration and for his forgiveness and spiritual renewal.
    James Cri - Aug 17 2017
  • Please pray for financial problems and healing from Alzheimers. Amen John E.
    John Ewens - Jul 28 2017
  • My world, faith, heart and soul were shattered months ago after a corrupt judge gave my abusive ex custody of my traumatized children, ignoring the history and evidence of domestic violence. I'm now emotionally and financially devastated. I'm struggling to find pro bono legal help, advocacy/support for my children. With upcoming court dates in September, I must have immediate help so the truth is known. Please keep us in your daily prayers through September, it's crucial. I'll update when things change. THANK YOU.
    Leah K - Jul 15 2017
  • Please pray that I find a place to stay before its too late. Pray that my income comes in time, for my health problems, and that I find my wallet. Pray that I am able to sell all the furniture in the house. Pray that I find someone to love me for me and have a family of my own.
    Brenda M - Jun 30 2017
  • My husband Jay has a dangerously high PSA number. Please pray it will soon go way down & that he WILL NOT get prostate cancer! He also needs healing for his never-ending tinnitus! Lord bless. In Christ alone, Wanda
    Wanda Edwards - May 19 2017
  • First let us give the Lord thanks for the abundance of all things.Please pray that the Lord would deliver his people from evil men; That the Lord would preserve his people from violent men, who plan evil things in their heart and stir up wars continually. Pray against the spirit of anti Christ,false witness,terrorism hatred and violence. Please pray and intercede without ceasing that God’s will be done in the lives of the world’s leaders and for President Trump and our leaders to seek God and listen to Him. Pray that they would be surrounded by godly counsel and, that our leadership would personally know God and the salvation found through faith in Jesus Christ alone. That we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. God can turn the hearts of kings. Earnestly pray that the people of America and its leaders will humble themselves and seek the Lords face and turn from their wicked ways. Pray that the Lord would hear from heaven and forgive our countries sins and heal our land. God Bless America Pray that the Lord would grant peace in America, that we may lie down and no one will make us afraid. That the Lord would remove wild beasts from the land, and that the sword will not pass through our country Please pray for revival and that the Lord would pour out his spirit on his servants, throughout the world both men and women. Pray for the peace of Israel. Gods will be done on earth as it is in heaven.In Jesus Name, Amen.
    Angela Hughes - May 04 2017
  • pray for me to find favour with my employer and be confirmed permanent
    phedelice masiyiwa - Apr 28 2017
  • I ask that you guys pray for my best friend Tiffany to accept Jesus Christ as her savior and allow him to enter her heart, mind, body, and soul. I ask that you guys pray for me and ask God to use me as his disciple and as her spiritual influence. She's always confused, depressed, and overwhelmed with life and and a life like that without Jesus Christ is not a life I want to see my best friend live. Thank you!
    David Jeanbaptiste - Mar 23 2017
  • Pray for my me to be confirmed permanent at work.I have worked 13 months for my employer.
    phedelice masiyiwa - Feb 16 2017
  • Please pray for my salvation and healing.
    Jay Smith - Feb 15 2017
  • Please pray for healing of my heart disease and body. Had open heart surgery before. Having more trouble, am in pain, having trouble with medication.
    Robert Tucker - Feb 14 2017
  • pray for my employer who is delaying to confirm me permanent.i am 9 months past my probation period.
    phedelice masiyiwa - Jan 26 2017
  • Please pray for our Aunt, Raquel Tablang (member of San Jose SDA church). She was just diagnosed with cancer that has spread within her body, and she will be starting chemo. Pray for God's healing and for God to comfort her and the family. Thank you so much.
    Mario and Chondra Chavez - Dec 30 2016
  • Single father and need a new job.
    Henry Shaner - Dec 09 2016
  • Please pray fervently for my mother and her husband's relationship. Their marriage is crumbling and it hurts to watch it all. I know Jesus can turn any seemingly impossible situation around, and I pray that's what happens.
    Kay T. - Dec 01 2016
  • Kindly pray for my mother-inlaw, Lydia, who is going to have a heart procedure. Please for her safety and quick healing. Thank you so much!
    Chondra Chavez - Nov 15 2016
  • Kindly pray for my mother-inlaw, Lydia, who is going to have a heart procedure. Please for her safety and quick healing. Thank you so much!
    Chondra Chavez - Nov 15 2016
  • I have been working at my current job since March but it has been slow since after Labor Day. So please pray so that I may find a second job on days when I am not working at my current job location.
    Jonathan Ashbeck - Nov 05 2016
  • Please pray for special protection from God through Christ to protect and remove all danger both seen and unseen away from us, from both of our families, in both professional and personal life. Give us all positive emotions and happiness and time to read his word to understand, father son, holy spirit on all levels.
    charles wright - Nov 01 2016
  • Please pray for my sister. She is in a custody battle for her three kids and the fathers are both abusive. Her children would be in danger living with them. She needs full custody of all three children. Also, she was hit by a drunk driver on the 4th of July and lost her baby. She is having medical problems from the accident. She needs her settlement from the accident to help with medical bills and get into a home. Right now she is homeless and needs the money soon. Her children's fathers keep threatening to take her kids. She left these men because they are abusive. She also needs a really good lawyer that will stand up for her and kids. She needs a lot of prayers. Thank you.
    Leslie Bond - Oct 25 2016
  • Pray for me to join with friends.pray for me to adjust/understand with people.
    sathish hari - Sep 22 2016
  • Please pray for someone who is suffering from throat cancer the doctor gave up as it is being detected at the last stage she is dumb and deaf and an orphan she is a hindu now solid food stop except in liquid form please pray for her.I pray that god will instantly reveal his glory to this orphan
    Regina Sumer - Sep 13 2016
  • Please pray for my son Preston who has dizziness and discomfort focusing his eyes. also for pressure on one of his eyes. I ask complete healing of the dizziness and discomfort he feels and the root of it be dissolved in the Name of Jesus, that he will have quality of life. I give God all the Glory and Gratitude to Jesus. Thank you.
    Esther Johnson - Aug 28 2016
  • Need special prayer for my lower back to be healed and to restore my spine back to normal I was born with.. Lower lumbar vertebrae L5, L4, L3 is bad. slip vertebrae. please pray for the lord to restore my body..I have 24 hour pain..
    Charles Wright - Aug 19 2016
  • Please pray for My Sister Gloria as she has breast cancer,She will be having Sugery on July21st. Please pray for Her & Her Family. Thank You
    Lucille Odell - Jun 18 2016
  • I am suffering severely with a bladder condition and it is causing me a lot of discomfort and distress. I really need prayers for healing. I feel so alone and helpless. Please pray for me. Thank you.
    melanie - Apr 26 2016
  • Urgent prayer request for my husband's aunt Becky and her family please. They live very near Puerto Vallarta and the largest hurricane that has ever been seen is headed their way. Mario's grandma, Marcy, has a home there as well but is currently here in California. Please pray for protection over them, the people of this area, and their homes. Thank you.
    Chondra and Mario Chavez - Oct 23 2015
  • Thanks to God and everyone who prayed for my son .He came through the operation just fine. He needs continual prayer for when the implanted radiation kicks in. Again, thank you and God bless.
    mary-evelyn johnson - Oct 09 2015
  • I had finished my high school exams on May 28 and I had graduated high school on May 30. Because I am finished with high school I still have not yet decided on what I want to do after school so please pray so that I may be able to find a full time job.
    Jonathan Ashbeck - Jul 25 2015
  • Good day brethren. I am requesting prayer, I want to know God better, I want to focus on Him all the time. I want to do His will and have a close relationship with Him. I wish to spend more time with God studying His word and it is my desire to be able to hear God clearly when He speaks to me and not mistake His voice for anything else. My other request is for healing, I am not feeling well physically and emotionally please stand with me in prayer and ask God to heal me, I know He can heal me if He chooses to. I pray that God restores peace in my home and in my heart. Amen
    Prie G - Jul 15 2015
  • I'm having digestive issues. could be pancreas. or liver, kidney. Please pray for the Lord to completely heal my body. My girlfriend is ill also. Please pray for her complete healing. Pray for God to protect us from seen and unseen dangers. Thank You.
    charles wright - Jul 07 2015
  • Thanks to all of the pray-ers on behalf of Racquel. She came through surgery and is recovering. Thanks to God for hearing and answering the prayers and for healing.
    Mary-Evelyn Johnson - Jan 04 2015
  • Hello, Please pray for: 0.Poland, freedom from religion to God through Jesus Christ, 1. stirring up the service to the God for me, my wife Dorothy, our daughter Ann, our sons Peter and Daniel - "..but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord" Joshua 24.15 2. God's will and wisdom for me and my family, 3. God's order in my work. Blessings and the knowledge of Jesus Christ for my bosses. Thank you. Edmund Krzeminski
    Edmund Krzeminski - Dec 07 2014
  • Please pray for Jackie J. as she is undergoing emergency open heart surgery tonight, Monday June 2. They will repair a heart valve and perform a 3 or 4-way bypass.
    Ken and Teri Johns - Jun 02 2014
  • Please Pray GOD Blesses me to be able to always have money to pay bills, buy food, and help others. Please Pray GOD Blesses me financially to be able to buy Christmas presents this year; haven't had any money to buy for others for many years. Thanks for your Prayers...Phil C.
    Phil Chavez - Dec 07 2013
  • I'm a medic in the US Army, and I'm taking a medical refresher course, which seems very difficult, and if I don't pass, I won't be able to continue as a medic. I think I'll pass, but I still really need your prayers. Pray that my mind will be performing at peak, learning, absorbing and memorizing everything in the class. Pray that I'll prepare and study well. Pray that I'll do extremely well on the hands-on trauma and medical assessments on manikins, and on the written tests, and all the other exams they give us. Pray that I'll remember all the steps of the assessments, and that it will all flow naturally in a real-life situation. Pray that I'll lead confidently and lead well, tell the assistants what to do, and that it'll be obvious that I'm in charge when I'm being tested. Pray that I will handle unexpected turns in the scenarios well, and for extraordinary wisdom in how to handle different situations. Pray for confidence, and also that my performance will please whichever instructor it is, since they all have different expectations.
    Seth McAdams - Oct 03 2013
  • please pray for a friend who is going through a tough time with a second marriage, would like to make it work.
    vicky davis - Sep 01 2013
  • Please pray that the Lord will give me wisdom and understanding, knowledge and discernment, prudence and insight, sound judgment and counsel--all the things Proverbs talks about. Pray for wisdom in all seasons and areas of life. Pray for both spiritual and practical wisdom. Pray for discipline and strength of character, and that I will grow in righteousness and holiness. Pray that I will grow in my relationship with the Lord. Thanks.
    Seth McAdams - Aug 30 2013
  • Please pray for healing of my dental condition . I have abscesses under my teeth and dentists are advising teeth extraction and dentures . I am only 44 and dont want to live with dentures for the rest of my life .
    Mary - Aug 28 2013
  • Hello dear brothers and sisters! My name is Eugene Angelin.I am live on the Ukraine.I am a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. I ask you to pray about me.About my health, work, money, family. Thank you very much .
    Eugene Angelin - Aug 19 2013
  • please i desperately need prayers for my Becky she was born with defective liver and was near death she was operated but needs to make a full recovery to live a long haelthy pain and disease free life please pray for her recovery and her liver to be restored Amen
    Anna Spiropoulos - Mar 29 2013
  • Please pray for a man who is going to be having surgery to place electrodes in his brain to help with Parkinson's disease for tremors. Surgery will be iin the 29th of this month. Pray for a smooth surgery and no complications.
    Kimberly Toyama - Mar 17 2013
  • Pray for my mom. She has a brain disease. Thank you. Olivia
    Olivia V - Dec 23 2012
  • Praise the Lord for His blessings; he brought Edie home to me without any lasting infirmaries. Continued prayer is always appreciated. Pray that her doctors gain the wisdom and knowledge to discover what caused the problem in the first place and how to correct it so that it does not happen again.
    Jim - Nov 28 2012
  • Please pray that I will not have cancer or illness. Please pray for healing and a speedy recovery. I am desiring that my chemotherapy will end by December and my stomach wounds will be healed by early January. Thank you for your prayers.
    walter gomez - Nov 07 2012
  • Please pray for Rosie, the neice of one of my students. She is going into the hospital on Wednesday for tests to determine if she has cancer. My student is asking for this prayer. Please pray that the student finds the comfort that only Jesus can provide and that she continues to ask questions and that the answers to those questions lead her to a personal relationship with the Lord.
    Jim - Aug 31 2012
  • Heavenly Father & Lord Jesus, my family & I are lifting up a dearly beloved family member Angel Ambriz. We petition healing for Angel in his time of need & comfort and peace for him and his mother Susana; as it is written we ask & pray that where two or more are gathered in your name, You are there in midst; in Jesus name, amen.
    David E., Gomez Sr. - Jul 22 2012
  • please pray with me, I need a job - desperately, I have been unable to complete my degree and I need to sustain myself. NOTHING SEEMS TO BE GOING RIGHT!! This is urgent as I dont have money to pay the bills, rent and electricity for this month!! May God please come through for me urgently!! As this is affecting my spiritual life
    su - Jul 02 2012
  • Please pray for my husband's job to be blessed and protected and please pray for me to find work too as we face these very hard times. I also very urgently pray for a stressful legal issue that my family I faced with. I beg for God's mercy and help upon us and to save us with a happy miracle.
    Mindy Aki - Jun 07 2012
  • Please pray for a young woman and her young child. The child is in the hospital with a concussion after being with the estranged father over the weekend. Please pray that the child recovers fully and that the father no longer has the opportunity to hurt his daughter.
    Jim Worobe - May 17 2012
  • Father in Heaven my family and I are lifting up my Aunt Susana Rodriguez. We ask that Your healing hand be upon her; she is in the hospital recovering; in Jesus name we pray. Church family thank you all for your corporate prayers!
    David Gomez - Apr 08 2012
  • Lord let Jennifer B. overcome her leukemia and have a successful bone marrow transplant. Also please get rid of her infection so we can start the bone marrow transplant. Thank you Jesus.
    Mike Frankel - Mar 21 2012
  • Hello, My name is Mike and I'm Going thru a bitter divorce, costly beyond measure as well as my funds have been depleted and hardly the strength most days to continue with the mounting stress that’s involved. I'm praying the Lord gives me the strength and wisdom to endure this horrible tragedy. I never would have thought in my life I would be a client of divorce. Praying and asking God for his mercy and grace, help, and direction. I couldn't be more broken at this junctior in my life. Please if you would add me to your prayer list, asking God and his people for answered prayers. God Bless You and his Church. Truly, Mike Brother in Christ Proverbs 17:17
    mike cotton - Feb 17 2012
  • Dear Lord There is nothing impossible in your hands! I ask you Father to lay your healing hands over Marah H. who was born a few days ago with health problems. Please pray she will be healed so she can go home with her mom and dad!I give you Praise,Thanks and Glory forever.Amen
    Lorraine - Feb 04 2012
  • Working for 11 years and 6 months as a manager but now they want to demote me without giving me the reason. I want the Lord to give me courage, help me through this trying time and let His will be done. Give me what is necessary for me.
    Samuel K - Feb 04 2012
  • Heavenly Father & Christ Jesus, blessed be Your name in the most high. We proclaim effectually that Yesterday, today and forever You are exalted, magnified & set up high in Your everlasting kingdom; corporately we chose to give You all the Honor, Praise and Glory; our petition today is that You place Your loving & healing Hand upon my aunt Frances in her time of need, heal her with Your blessings expediently and abundantly, in Jesus name, amen!
    David Gomez - Feb 01 2012
  • I am Heather from NC. Please pray for me. I need a miracle. I am pregnant with twins. During my exam 2 days ago no heartbeat was detected in either baby (as there should have been). I will have a repeat exam 2/2/12 to check again to be certain. The Dr is not hopeful. Pray my babies will have life & strong heartbeats. Thank you & God bless!
    Heather M - Jan 28 2012
  • My business failed & I live off of SSI/SSDI. I cannot find a good job that I am able to perform. I have no money for food for myself or my daughter, & I am to be evicted. Please pray for me. Please pray GOD Blesses me to be able to give my daughter a good life starting today. Please pray money comes my way miraculously today if possible (nothing is impossible with GOD) so I can provide for my daughter. She is sad and the feeling of her being sad makes me sad. Please pray that I will have no more anxiety. Please Pray GOD restores my health completely.
    Anthony - Jan 26 2012
  • Hello brothers and sisters. Thank you for the opportunity to request and expose my needs to you. I have a big need for an employe of mine Adeline from Tours France who has been getting bible studies with me, and she has started to read the great controversy. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to touch mightly her heart and to believe every word from the Bible and the Great controversy! Please pray for her to have good circulation and to be free from depression. Also my auntie Mitou is in the south of france and is dying from cancer. Please pray for her immune system to be well and healthy and to heal. And for her sons to accept the vitamin c treatment and to buy it! For me i am in florida now and i have a massage business in france. I don't know what to do, i am staying with my parents now, please pray for God to bless me financially in my endeavors and to end loneliness. Thank you so much may the Lord bless all your needs also! Fabien
    fabien chan - Dec 18 2011
  • Please claim Isaiah 45:3 and pray for me +my home town of Davis + my home church + my local conference for the latter rain.
    Steven Drago - Dec 04 2011
  • Heavenly Father, thank you for all the love and blessings this day; Father, we corporately come together lifting up your child Monica Esters, we petition for Your loving Hand to be upon her, the physicians, and attendants; we pray for healing and a speedy recovery, in the name of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus, Amen.
    David E. Gomez Sr. - Nov 30 2011
  • Pray for my life to change. I have failed time and time again in trying to make a living and pull my family out of poverty. Please also pray that my depression of 25 years will lift and for God to work out my personal relationships with people around me successfully without any heartbreak. Thank you.
    charles wright - Nov 23 2011
  • Please pray for my brother and his wife. Please pray that they will help provide the means for me to graduate from high school and make a recommendation to Griggs home school to attend college. Please pray for my brother and sister-in-law that their hearts be converted to Jesus and claim the promise in Ezekiel 36:26-27 and claim Jesus as wisdom and the fruit of the Spirit.
    Steven Drago - Nov 18 2011
  • Father in Heaven, we are lifting up in prayer Jim Sacco, we ask and petition that the bleeding cease, place Your loving & healing hand upon Jim, bring him comfort, healing and peace, in Jesus name, amen.
    David E. Gomez Sr. - Nov 18 2011
  • Church family may we corporately lift up Mosie's father Jim Euftice, he is currently in the hospital in serious condition; may God give him and his family the strength, courage, and will to make it through this difficult time, in Jesus name, amen.
    David E. Gomez Sr. - Nov 17 2011
  • Please lift up my friends, my home town and me plus for the Latter rain upon my conference.
    Steven Drago - Nov 15 2011
  • please pray for one of university's department to solve the problem with keeping homeless cats so the cats could feel safe there forever! thank you
    anda barb - Sep 08 2011
  • Church family as a father I ask that you each join me lifting up my son Gabriel & his mother in prayer; Father in Heaven, we lift up Gabriel to you in his time of need, so that he may abide in his mother's instruction, love and respect, in Jesus name, amen.
    David E. Gomez Sr. - Aug 31 2011
  • Heavenly Father who sits on most high, today as with every day, I give You all the praise, honor, and glory; I come to You by way of my Lord and Savior Yeshua humbly lifting up my children; I faithfully and reverently petition that You provide Your continual blessings upon them and may they open their hearts and minds to receive Your Holy Spirit and written word; in Yeshua's mighty and precious name, Amen.
    David E. Gomez - Aug 01 2011
  • Father in Heaven, today we magnify You, exalt You and set You up on most high; we come together in earnest prayer lifting up Your children, Karen, Ken, & their son to You, provide your healing hand upon them in their time of need and always Father; in Yeshua's name, Amen.
    David E. Gomez - Aug 01 2011
  • Heavenly Father, today we give you all the praise, honor, and glory we come together corporately lifting up in prayer my Aunt Frances who is ill, and my Uncle Alfred who will undergo heart surgery. Please send Your blessing of the Holy Spirit to be with them and our family in their time of need, and with the physicians who are attending to them as well; we hopefully, faithfully and reverently expect Your blessings upon them; in Yeshua's mighty and precious name Amen.
    David E. Gomez - Aug 01 2011
  • Family & Friends; Let's lift Denise Andrews up in prayer, today she was rushed to the hospital due to losing 3 units of blood; Heavenly Father, we humbly come before You this day petitioning for Your child Denise Andrews, we corporately ask for Your healing hand upon her, we ask that You be with the physicians in attendance that they may also be in accordance to Your will, in Jesus name, Amen. Together we claim Matthew 18:20 for Denise.
    David E. Gomez - Jul 13 2011
  • Please, help me pray for healing for my brother Angel Rivera. He had open-heart surgery for a triple-bypass last Friday, 24June and the doctors can’t wake him up. It has been 5 days today. Every time they try to wake him up, he gets agitated and his heart rate and blood pressure gets too high. Now the doctors just told us he is getting pneumonia. Please help me pray for a miracle. Thanks and God bless!!!
    Maribel Rodriguez - Jun 28 2011
  • Please take pity on Aleksander, Adventist from Russia. Please read my prayer request from a person who is very much in despair. Recently I have known that it is possible that my mother have cancer please pray for her and for my parent’s everlasting salvation. I am in despair as I am ill with schizophrenia, it is horrible. Pray that I could know what to do and could have power to live victorious Christian life and to overcome my sins that are very great. I also need very much to feel Gods presence in my life. I want to serve the Lord being healthy and I am still young for that. I am 33. Please pray that the Lord would heal me Please pray, pray and pray for me.
    Sasha Myshkin - Apr 05 2011
  • update PRAISE REPORT REGARDING RONNIE REDONDO from Ronnie's sister, Annmarie,- Our God is an amazing God!!!! heart attack has been ruled out. my brother is a very big boy and his size is putting stress on his body which triggered a muscle spasm. he has been sent home and ordered to get healthy.
    Ernest Millot III - Mar 16 2011
  • URGENT PRAYER REQUEST - one of our memeber from Hollister Chapter, Ronnie Redondo, has been taken to the ER with chest pains and numbness in his arms. Please pray for a medical intervention & healing,
    Ernest Millot III - Mar 07 2011
  • My daughter, son in law, & my 2 yr old granddaughter are moving to Modesto this Monday in a leap of faith that they will be able to find jobs & a place to live. Please pray that she will be able to find a 2 bedroom apt or house with reasonable rent plus she will be able to find a respiratory therapist job. Her husband will have a job working with his dad. My daughter is very stressed right now about this move as there is so much uncertainty Please pray for them wholeheartly Thank you so much!
    Mimi Gaspard - Feb 20 2011
  • Church family please lift up in prayer my friend Brenda, she had a mild heart attack early this morning; pray for comfort and healing for Brenda and her son and family; in Christ Jesus name, Amen!
    David E. Gomez - Jan 21 2011
  • Church family & prayer warriors, let us lift up in prayer my sister Monica as she has not been feeling well due to her diabetes, may our Lord give her comfort and provide healing. In Jesus name, A`men.
    David E. Gomez Sr. - Jan 10 2011
  • Father God and Christ Jesus, I lift up in prayer your sons Juan and Lupe. Juan is traveling and my family asks that you provide a hedge of protection around him, may he be come home safely. Lupe and his wife need Your loving hand and touch regarding their marriage, may they be reconciled together as they have children; in Jesus name we pray, Amen.
    David E. Gomez - Dec 29 2010
  • Father, help me to be like a refreshing cup of cold water on a hot summer's day to my friend David Gomez, whom YOU have given me. May I contribute encouragement, comfort, wisdom, accountability, and loyalty to our friendship. Help to reserve judgment and faithfully pray for David and my other friends as we all walk together heart to heart and hand in hand. Amen.
    Thea Frances Nieto - Dec 22 2010
  • Hello Church Family, please pray for my friend Brenda & her son Randall as he has gone missing today around 3 O'clock, may he be found unharmed and get back home safely in Jesus name, a`men! Please pray for my friend Tiffany Nieto as she is suffering with pneumonia and her health has been fading, may the Lord heal her in Christ' name a`men!
    David E. Gomez - Nov 20 2010
  • Please pray for a little girl named Sadie, age 5, who's family fear that her enlarged lymph nodes may be cancerous, and for her parents Billy and Dana for the fortifying strength to get through this rough time.
    - Jul 30 2010
  • Please, pray for me! I'm suffering a kind of great fear, that let me not to be calm, or even have a night where I could find peace and rest... Please, I'm desperate! My body shakes without control!
    Jamin Ramos - Jul 16 2010
  • Greetings Church family, we want to lift up in prayer Javier Alvarez and his family we ask that our Lord place a wedge of protection around him and his family and blanket their home with His continual blessings, in Jesus name, A`men
    David E. Gomez Sr. - Jul 16 2010
  • Let us lift up in prayer newborn baby Erabella, she has sepsis and is in need of God's blessing of good health and Christ's healing hand ... let us also continue to pray for my eldest sister Sylvia Mondragon in her time of need as she continues to feel God's mighty love and Christ's healing power ... let the angels and saints provide continual prayer and hedge of protection; in Christ's name, A`men!
    David E. Gomez Sr. - Jul 07 2010
  • I am being transferred on my job locations.. please pray that I get a nice supervisor and get along with my coworkers and enjoy where I am being transferred
    kim . - Jul 07 2010
  • Church family and friends, let us each lift up Tenisha, our sister in Christ Jesus; may the Lord continue to blanket the home of Tanisha, Austin, and Robert; we pray for the health of our sister in her time of need, God provide your healing hand upon her, in Jesus name we pray A`men.
    David E. Gomez Sr. - May 24 2010
  • Church family, Join me in lifting up Nancy G.'s mother regarding an operation to remove her foot. May the Lord bring her His love and comfort and peace like only He can during her time of need. In Christ Jesus name, A`men.
    David E. Gomez Sr. - May 18 2010
  • Please pray that i find a job soon.
    fournillier sherry - May 17 2010
  • Church family, join me in prayer for my niece Ana and her boyfriend Jeremy. Ana's boyfriend needs us to pray for his temper and attitude and actions against Ana. Please remember them in your daily prayers; in Jesus mighty name we pray, A`men.
    David E. Gomez Sr. - Apr 28 2010
  • Please pray for my wife Joanne... She is not saved, The Enemy is using her to attack my children and convince them the word of God is not valid today. My spiritual life has been a roller coaster ride for several years. I Love my wife, but I love Jesus more! Please pray for us. Also if there are any resources on an unbelieving spouse can you please lead me to them. Thank you for your ministry and your prayers. Richard Morgan
    Richard Morgan - Apr 18 2010
  • My Church Family, Let us lift up in prayer Christina, she is under attack by spiritual forces beyond our sight and comprehension; she has attempted to take her life this week, may our Lord and Savior hear our petition and take it to God for His intervention and healing; we love you Christina; in Christ Jesus name, A`men. David E. Gomez Sr.
    David E. Gomez - Apr 08 2010
  • Church family, let us lift up in prayer Melvina O. She is surrendering her heart and her life to Christ Jesus and would like for us to pray that she continue a sound constitution and fervent mindfulness to God's written word; let us lift her and her children up in prayer as well. They are living in the world and need to give up their vices and seek God's way through Christ Jesus. In Jesus mighty and precious name we pray. Amen.
    David E. Gomez Sr. - Mar 22 2010
  • Father God, Lord Jesus, I am asking for all your prayers regarding my very close friend Tiffany Nieto; pray that the Holy Spirit guides her through a very trying time regarding her health, please pray for healing and for God's mighty healing hand upon her; may we petition wholeheartedly to our Savior Jesus, and Father of Father's. In Jesus mighty and precious name, we pray. Amen. David G.
    David E. Gomez - Mar 18 2010
  • Please pray for me that I will allow JESUS CHRIST to have HIS way in my life. I am single and lonely and sometimes my thoughts are not holy and pure. I know from the Word of GOD that I have to guard my thoughts but my thoughts are so sinful at times and it is frightening to me. I want to be saved. I want JESUS to use me and for HIS will to be done in my life. Please please pray for me.
    Anonymous - Mar 16 2010
  • Please pray for me. Thoughts of a man I had an affair with haunt me. I am single and sometimes when I feel lonely he weighs heavy on my mind. We are not in touch with each other 'cause I moved away to save my soul. I pray much and will continue to pray for deliverance from thoughts of this man and I am asking you all my sisters and brothers to please, please pray for me. I know Jesus Christ is so very soon to come and I do not want to lose my soul over a season of pleasure in sin. I truly want Jesus to cover me in His righteousness inside and out. Again I ask for your prayers. Thank you.
    Anonymous - Mar 16 2010
  • Please pray for Mr. B. Brown a student at one of our adventist universities. He has decided to drop out. Pray that he will try to at least finish the semester even if it means taking one class and dropping the rest.
    anonymous b - Mar 12 2010